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NHL 3rd Jersey – Concepts

I frequently visit another blog called Icethetics that talks specifically about hockey and art.

I really don’t like some of the new RBK Edge hockey jerseys currently being used, so I decided to create my own versions to fix them, rather than change them completely.


Take the Edmonton Oilers, for instance. They decided to throw out their heritage and tradition completely and go with the new trendy “Edge” design, ala vertical piping. I HATE THIS DESIGN! Hockey jerseys are not meant to be vertical, horizontal stripes are traditional because they are strong and powerful. Not only that, the Captain “C” and Assistant “A” on the front overlap the vertical piping and looks hideous. And those arm bands… don’t even get me started… did they not have enough fabric to put them all the way around the arms!?

So I went back to something the Oilers built on for years, but with a few tweaks. The old 80′s jersey had quite a lot of orange in them so I toned that down and added white numbering instead and no orange on the end of the sleeves. I also opted out of using the red color they’ve had the last number of years to give a more bold blue/orange/white jersey. Overall, this jersey would look great on the tv and at a distance.


Now as for the Kings, I have never liked their new Crown logo. It feels weak and fragile (much like their current team). I like the purple/silver/black color combination so I kept that… however I did not use Purple in the logo, just the jersey color. I have always been a fan of the “Gretzky” Era logo so I just wanted to update it using the new workmark. I’ve updated the crown a bit as well. I don’t like how detailed and 3D the new crown looks, plus its a lot smaller. I did not use the “Kings” streak effect since the font is stylized enough on its own and would detract from the design. It’s understandable some people don’t like this logo because of its resemblance to Chevy but I feel the original was a solid design.

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4 Comments to NHL 3rd Jersey – Concepts

  1. john lyles

    Could you possibly tell me what the Los Angeles Kings font name is? I’ve been trying to find it with no luck! I want to use it for my personal use only. Thank you in advance.

  2. Steve

    Hi just had a quick question on the kings jersey. Is this going on sale soon even if the kings dont pick this jersey up as there 3rd jersey. Would I be able to purchase this. It looks awesome. I love the new look to an old style logo. Thanks

  3. John – I never found the actual font, I used high resolution images and adjusted them. Sorry. :(

  4. Steve – These were mockups only so they won’t be made into real jerseys, unless the logos were converted to vector graphics and you went to an online shop like Geek Jerseys to have them made yourself! http://www.geekyjerseys.com

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