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The Conversation

I’ve had this article in my archives for years but can’t remember where it came from. I like it because it really speaks in the “internet” language.

The Conversation

So, a conversation has begun. This is still a new medium. Communication channels are re-aligning. People are discovering new ways to hear and be heard and the space between the two actions is getting shorter and smaller.

Markets are getting smarter – smarter than you think.

Most corporations, on the other hand, are dumbing down in the name of smartening up.

Looking for the one-liner and the killer application that will take them to the top. Flipping out over trying to keep up with the Dow-Joneses. Relying on technology to take them into the future. They speak in a one-directional, this-is-what-we-know, aren’t-we-clever tone.

Same old tactics, same old hooks; possessed of a growing ability to take the same old same old into people’s lives in new ways.

But that’s not a conversation.

Conversations are the oldest interactive medium in the world and they function on one thing alone; two-way communication. It’s no surprise that markets are skeptical.

So, you have a choice. Same old actions. Same old results. Regardless of the medium. OR No More Same Old Same Old. You choose.

Alright, you’ve chosen… What happens next… How do you make it work…. And, equally important, how do we?

This kind of interaction is tactile and fragile; and if someone on the team, somewhere along the way doesn’t get it… it’s game over – the market knows and loses trust.

So what do you do? You think. You decide. You do. You conceive it and you birth it. From start to finish.

You deal with the fact that sometimes groundbreaking work isn’t always slick, edgy, and full of bells and whistles. But sometimes it is. That’s not what people need every time.

Sometimes they just need information, sometimes they need to be convinced, sometimes they just need to be connected.

Sometimes they don’t need at all; they want… and you must make something worth wanting.

That’s why you continue looking for chances to create fresh, shiny, full of bells and whistles things but you keep your wits about you and you look to the needs of the user.

Great ideas are great because they are do-able, make-able, attainable, effective, dead on or simply imaginable.

Sometimes you need straight, sometimes you need straight out of this world; but you always need to be smart and creative and you have to have the experience to draw on.

You think. You do. From beginning to end.

How do you do it? You live it. You imagine it. You build it. You don’t do something just because everyone else is. You dissent. You discern. You embrace. You ask the right questions, you check the right boxes, you take an idea and you roll it out across technologies you have mastered. And then you make new boxes. You own your market and every channel in it. You hire the best and the brightest and you set them up in teams that can solve the problems.

You take a good idea and you take it to the street.

You don’t repeat yourself and you don’t fall in love with the vision of the day.

There, we’ve got the exchange going. We’ve started the conversation… the rest is here if you need to know more… strategy, technology, creativity, intelligence.

We think. We do. We succeed. For you.

And if you don’t use our expertise all the way through the process of think and do… we all lose something. Some of us like to believe it’s about purity; but it’s really about credibility and results.

Any problem, any platform, any time. It’s all in the way we think about it.

Do you think?

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